Quantum Dowsing Basic

Connect with the Quantum field in a profound way and expand your awareness of the universe!

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Would You Like To

Find ways to connect even deeper and more profoundly  with the universe?

Dive into a new world where you can effectively connect with the Quantum

What If You Also Could...

Learn a powerful technique that will help you access the quantum field and expand your
awareness of the Universe.

Discover how to recognize yourself through your environment to deepen your understanding
of the Law of Attraction.

Find out how to cure your environment and release the inner blocks of the 24 aspects of the quantum field and how to access the negative Feng Shui stars of your home so that you can stop the influence of Disaster, Illness, Conflict and Violent stars by knowing exactly where they fly into your 20 years, yearly and monthly period.

Learn all the above and more in Marie's Quantum Dowsing Basic Program

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The Quantum Dowsing Basic video program includes 4 sessions of 90 minutes each plus a manual.

Enrollment now open!


Learning and implementing Diamond Dowsing in my home has brought so many positive benefits and changes into my home and into my life. Deep restful sleep, the resolution of a chronic health condition, more clarity, focus and creativity and enhancing and manifesting my Diamond Feng Shui
activations and cures.

As I explored the Quantum Dowsing and raised my vibration and the vibration of my home to higher and higher levels, I felt a deep sense of “coming home”. I knew then that I wanted to help others and share this wisdom and knowledge. As a certified Diamond Dowser, I have met some amazing people. Working with the land, homes and families to transform the energy has been so rewarding and I love
hearing positive feedback from my clients around the changes they are experiencing. 


Tamsen Johnson



Quantum dowsing has helped me and my family so much especially in my parent's property development business. My mum just told me after I dowsed her home and office, the next day potential investors started walking into her office, big supermarket brands started looking for her,
projects started getting approved by the government in a short period of time, banks started approving loans for the company. She managed to pay off all her debt from a loan shark which made her really stressed these past few years. Even in this pandemic time, everything is still moving forward smoothly for us.

Jonathan Wong