Feng Shui Your Business

Bring the magic of Feng Shui to your working space and experiencing incredible shifts!

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Does Any Of This Feel Familiar?

Experiencing Cashflow Problems in your business?

It almost seems like your brand or business is invisible to potential customers?

Constant conflict with staff or customers?

Having a hard time to keep your focus on the things that really matter to you?

What If Instead You Could...

Discover where your Success Direction is and how to activate it, where to hang your logo, your products/ services/ business cards/ business flyers.

Learn what are your strongest keywords and colors for your business message and marketing.

Find out where your Relationship Direction is, how to activate it and how to strengthen your office for constant positive cash flow and the best ROI.

Explore how to set up your Business Office based on your personal Energy Number:  the best direction for your desk, the strongest colors for your walls, your desk material, and the best color for your desk chair.

Understand the influence of Time Feng Shui on your Business.

Learn all the above and more in Marie's
Feng Shui Your Business Program

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The Feng Shui your Business Video Program includes 4 video sessions of 90 minutes plus a bonus session and a manual.

Enrollment now open!


Thank you for creating the program Feng Shui Your Business. Your guidance brought me joy last week as I was a bit cloudy from the change in focus and rewriting my Success goals with your program helped me see with clarity.  Thank you!

Suzanne R. W.



I am doing the Feng Shui for Your Business course and it has been great so far. I felt motivated to change the layout of my office and have also done some minor tweaks in my website but I know there are still many things to do.

Lizzet B.



After many problems with my staff, I worked with the Feng Shui your business program. People are getting along  better. Team members that were not so happy left the company and the new hires who came resulted to be a better fit. Thank you, thank you.

Helena Z.

Czech Republic