Feng Shui Level 1-2-3

Dive into the 3 basic levels of Feng Shui and start optimizing the energy flow of your home and office!

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Did You Always Want To

Understand the Flow of Energy and the impact it has on Home and Office?

Learn How To Work with Feng Shui and optimize your environment?

Understand how energy manifests itself as Abundance, Relationships, Illness or Disaster in your home and workplace?

Discover the differences between yin and yang and how to use this knowledge for yourself?

Then This is The Program For You!

Learn on levels 1 and 2, how to work with space Feng Shui while in level 3 you will get into a whole new level of learning the basics of time Feng Shui and how the energy establishes itself in your home or workplace as Abundance, Relationships, Illness or Disaster stars.

Learn all the above and more in Marie's
Feng Shui Level 1-3 Program

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Access to this program is through the Learning Strategies Online Library. PDF Manual, 19 hours and 8 minutes of audio teachings plus 3 hours and 55 minutes video teachings.

Here's what we will cover

Level 1
Work with the active "yang" energy of the 24 Diamond facets.
  • How to improve your lack of focus at the office or in school.

  • The direction to point your head during sleep when you need to improve your health.

  • Five powerful techniques to clear stagnant energy.

  • How to deal with the negative energy created in narrow hallways.

  • How to solve the problems caused by beams and low ceilings.

  • How to deal with bathrooms that drain valuable and useful energy.

  • How to build your wealth through the flow of water in front of your home.

  • How to gain more recognition for your work, change careers, get promoted and earn more money.

  • How to cure the harmful influences of stairways, especially spiral staircases that pull positive Qi from the home and drain relationships and money.

Level 2
Work with the passive "yin" energy of the 24 Diamond facets.
  • Where in your home you should never light a candle.

  • How to decide where to place artwork in your home.

  • What consequences occur when you have a mirror in your bedroom.

  • Why painting your front door in certain colors might be bad for you.

  • Where you should put inspirational or spiritual images at home.

  • How to use Diamond Feng Shui to help you get your business records in order and your taxes finished.

  • How to protect yourself from dishonest people.

  • Which colors to use to increase your financial success.

  • How to stimulate the positive flow in conversations for relationships.

  • How to feel younger in your body and spirit.

Level 3
Work with the positive and negative stars from the 20-year cycle.
  • How to switch on the energy of the positive stars.

  • How to cure the impact of the negative stars.

  • How to diminish the effects of the Disaster Star which cannot be cured.

  • What you can do if the Illness Star falls in your bedroom this year.

  • What to look at when buying a new home and what to avoid.

Enrollment now open!


This course changed my life. I decluttered, activated and sleep in my best directions and my life is so much easier now. I feel like everything flows downstream with the current rather than a struggle to paddle upstream against it.

Lynn B.



I made Diamond Feng Shui changes to my husband's used car business. Sales instantly increased from three cars to eight cars per month.

Linda E.



My net worth doubled in nine months.




I started to do the changes according to the manual and CD's last week and already see amazing results. I will want to learn FS on a deeper level. A great empowering course. Thank you.

Eva M.



We are both actors, and we'd had no offers, not even an audition, since moving into our new house. Within a day of using Diamond Feng Shui the first call for an audition came in. We decided to find a house with all-around better Feng Shui, and we are doing very well both career-wise and as a family.




Within a month of changing this one thing, my flame came into my life. We married a few months later!

Moriyah Singh C.