Energy Rings Practitioner

Learn how to use and increase your energy with these powerful energy rings!

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Does Any Of This Feel Familiar?

Are you feeling constantly tired?

Do you have constant pain without any reason?

What If You Could...

Learn how to use the Energy Rings to support your family and your clients. It is really magical how you can change the energy of everyone around you by using the Energy Rings.

Discover the basics of how to use the Energy Rings, the use and impact of each Energy Ring and how to select the best Energy Ring for yourself and your client.

Develop a deeper understanding of the subtler aspects of using the Energy rings on the body, in the aura field and in a home/business.

Find out how to tune into the Energy of the Energy Ring in meditation and how to activate the energy ring personally for your clients. You will not learn how to create or activate the frequencies of the Energy Ring as this is protected information.

Learn all the above and more in Marie's
Energy Rings Practitioner Program

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The Energy ring video program includes 4 sessions of 90 minutes plus an E-book.

Enrollment now open!


What a Fantastic program. Thank you Marie and Annette for teaching us and for creating the rings! I can't wait to get my rings and to start working with them and recommend them to my clients.

Paula Nielsen