Diamond Hexagrams

Shift the energy of your front door, one of the most important aspects in Feng Shui and put yourself in a better energy flow!

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Would You Like To

Understand the energetic vibration you are scanning every time you walk through your front door?

Know what your front door is actually attracting into your life? Success or peril? Is it auspicious or ominous?

What If You Also Could...

Understand the history of the I Ching and how hexagrams are connected with the quantum field.

Comprehend how you can use hexagrams to manifest the changes in your life you desire.

Discover how to access the quantum field of energy to expand or improve the energy of your home or office and how to determine which colors will be most appropriate to use to manifest your dreams.

Find out the energetic vibration you are scanning every time you walk through your door.

Learn what options are available to your specific home or workplace and how to exercise the options quickly and easily.

Use Hexagrams to also alter the energetic message of your bed, office or workplace.

Learn all the above and more in Marie's Hexagrams Program

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The Diamond Hexagrams Home Study Course includes 1 audio recording of 55 minutes that includes a brief history of the I Ching, explanations of how hexagrams work and how to choose, create and place your hexagram. There is also a Diamond Hexagrams Meditation that attunes you to the energy and history of the I Ching and the power of hexagrams. Course comes with a 60-page pdf manual.

Enrollment now open!


Marie visited my home two years after I moved in. She told me the direction of my front door wasn't right. "It's auspicious, but it is for a dictator," she said "That is not you. That is not how you run your business. That is not how you represent yourself to the world. You are not a dictator. You need to change it before it gains more influence over you and wreaks havoc on everything you've built for yourself and Learning Strategies." Looking at her special Lo Pan compass, flipping through her book, and quickly scanning the pages, she exclaimed, "Here it is! This is perfect for you. Very auspicious. The superior man refines his brilliance; his light can be seen from near too far. This will support your work to the four corners of the planet.” Thank you Marie, I'm glad I got the "dictator" energy off my front door. I'd rather be "a source of light to others," which fits our company mission.

Pete Bissonette