Diamond Dowsing Basic

Optimize your Health, Success and Relationships by healing the energy of the earth, using an amazing ancient technique!

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Do You Have Challenges
That Just Won't Go Away?

It might not be you, but actually your home or office that is creating them. These issues could be the result of "geopathic stress," a symptom of the stressed energetic field of the Earth that can affect your life in several ways.

When the energy level of your home is too weak, the Law of Attraction cannot work fully. Once your home is dowsed, you sleep better, money flows easier, romance is better, you are so much more focused and your healing level improves.

What If You Could...

Discover the principles of Dowsing to take your Feng Shui to the next level. Dowsing helps
find the stress zones in your home that create lack of sleep, lack of money, lack of romance,
lack of concentration and healing.

Learn how to cure geopathic stress lines and how to cure and reverse negative vortexes.

Find out how to track general and personal interference lines and cure them, also where the
Hartmann and Curry lines in your house turned negative and reverse their polarity.

Explore how to clear your space and create a harmonious environment and elevate the
energy of your home and business.

Learn all the above and more in Marie's Diamond Dowsing Basic Program

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The Diamond Dowsing Basic Video Program includes 8 online sessions of 90 minutes each and a
Diamond Dowsing Basic Manual.

Enrollment now open!


I would like to share the following experience after Dowsing my home:

1. This morning, my husband woke up and the first thing he said was "I had a GOOD sleep". He hasn't
had any good sleep in almost 3 years since we moved into the house. He's also been having weight
issues and seems to be the weakest in the family when it comes to health. I'm hoping that after this,
his health will be much improved.

2. There seemed to be a geopathic stress line that runs in the middle of our bed. No wonder we
preferred to sleep at the edge of the bed, far away from each other. We rarely cuddled and always
avoided the middle of the bed. After curing it, we started cuddling again and slept closer to each
other, feeling happy.

3. I also discovered that I had 2 interference lines near my side of the bed and a personal zone right
where I am sleeping. After curing those, I slept better last night, less tossing and turning and feeling
energized in the morning.

I'm so grateful to have been guided to learn about this information and also excited to share it with

Carla A.



Thank you so much for this class- I dowsed my home and I feel like a completely different person in just 24 hours. 6 geopathic stress lines including 2 right where I slept. Is it possible to leave a review? I was really hoping to read a review before I purchased the course but I couldn't find any... and I almost didn't buy it because of this. I am SO GLAD I bought it anyway. However, I think reviews like mine would help people take the leap and purchase because there's a lot of people out there selling products who promise that "this thing" or "that thing" will just drastically improve their lives. But... This really does. And I want people to know it's for real.

Melissa E.



This is to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching Diamond Dowsing to a common man, a study that was once available only to a select few. I must say that I have noticed a huge change in my life, and my husband's life, a really great positive improvement in our financial
condition and the work projects that are coming to us. After dowsing my home and placing the cures. The change seems almost magical. Also, it is so noticeable to me the variation in the energy levels when I go to other places that are obviously not dowsed and cured. I am therefore purchasing these energy rings with the hope they protect me from being affected by draining energies of other places when I go there. Thank you again, and sending love and blessings to you.

Preeti Vaswani.



I am seeing such amazing results after attending the Diamond Dowsing Basic seminar! I am especially happy with the results I am seeing in the collaborative work I’m doing with my veterinarian. We see the animals come through the clinic with various issues that have stumped
other vets. When they show up at our clinic, they are often in desperate shape. I utilize dowsing to help determine modalities to help the animals return to a state of wellness. I dowsed the clinic and home so that when she works with the animals they are in the best possible energy. I have also had the opportunity to work in the homes of some of the animals and once we clear the energies in their
homes, the animals and their humans begin to heal.




I have a rental property that has been nothing but trouble. Every couple that has ever lived there has had terrible marital problems and split up. The yard was always in a mess and the house a disaster. The length of time the tenants stayed was getting shorter and shorter with some lasting only 3 months. I could not figure out what was going on since it was a very cozy home. I took the Diamond
Dowsing course and decided to do an experiment on this property before I sold it. Well, the transformation was so amazing and if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it!