Abundance Magic Video Program

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Abundance Magic Video Program
by Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond will teach you 9 necessary steps to create abundance thru 4 video sessions and PDFs.
Learn to set a specific goal and take steps to manifest through the highest good, with honor and integrity, and without worrying about the how.
She will teach you how the Abundance Protocol. What is the Abundance Protocol?
It is a system of rules that explain the correct procedure to be followed to create Abundance.
3 x 3 days of manifesting a specific goal. Once you know it, you can use it to have an abundance on money, abundance of romance, abundance of health and abundance of wisdom.
Marie Diamond will lead you thru the protocol in 4 video sessions to guide you thru the Abundance protocol. You will be able to redo the protocol each time you wish to manifest a new Abundance goal in 9 days.