Law of Attraction 2018 Video Program

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Marie Diamond shares in 8 video's how to have the best Law of Attraction for 2018
You also receive the Diamond Feng Shui Yearly Stars E-Book for 2018 and the PDF file with the
Vision board outline for 2018.

1/ How to release the past experiences of 2017 and integrate the lessons of the past year.
2/ Yearly Feng Shui for your home and office activations for 2018
3/ Activations, goals, and Predictions for each Energy Number for 2018
4/ How to activate the Year of the Brown Earth Dog and what are the best investments and areas to make money in
5/ How to write your best Goals for 2018 and how to manifest the best results
6/ Creating together your Diamond Vision Board for 2018 with the keywords for abundance, the activation colors and activation symbols
7/ Astrological update and activations for each Chinese Astrology sign for the upcoming year and how to activate them.
8/ Activation of the Power Candle for 2018 (Golden Candle Activation) and Special Power meditation for 2018. The influence of this year of Power on countries, peace, the stock market, the economy and leadership

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