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 The Diamond Feng Shui Method

You and your home are one unified field, one quantum field of unlimited possibilities. What is in you aligns with what is outside of you. The first thing you align with is your home or office. You can start with your transformation of your mind, feelings and actions and it will manifest in your home and office. But if you don’t adapt your environment, the universe will receive a mixed message from you.

What is Feng Shui?

Chinese emperors guarded the ancient wisdom and science of how surroundings affect energy for better and for worse. They knew how to attract positive, successful energy and how to deflect negative, inauspicious energy. For thousands of years, they guarded this knowledge, using it for themselves to control their empires and build supreme wealth.

They called this artful science Feng Shui:
Feng = Wind
Shui = Water

The ancient Feng Shui masters showed the emperors that the wind and water carried fortune and fame as well as misfortune. This thousand-year-old science is truly an art when practiced correctly.

More than the mere practice of interior design, true Feng Shui practitioners work with their clients on the inside as well as their outside surroundings.

What is the Diamond Feng Shui Method?

Marie Diamond’s background is fascinating. She began studying with spiritual masters when she was just a young child. She has had a rare gift since childhood: She can see the energy in and around people. She can see energy flow within rooms. She can see how energy is affected by furniture, colors, and shapes. She can see into the quantum field.

She understood the truth and value of Feng Shui, and began traveling and studying under the Grand Masters of Feng Shui. Her ability to see the energy makes what she says infinitely more credible and valuable. Using the same ancient principles of the Feng Shui Grand Masters and focusing her gift of vision, Marie has created the Diamond Feng Shui method, a very powerful Feng Shui science that even affects the energy of the person. Diamond Feng Shui connects you and your surroundings with the Laws of the Universe, helping to attract your dreams and desires through the Law of Attraction.

How Can Feng Shui Help You?

Have you ever been in a building, home, or garden where you felt particularly calm or peaceful and didn’t know why? You might have even commented that the space had such a good energy? Perhaps you’ve experienced the same thing in the opposite manner. You’ve noticed that you just don’t feel good in a space or it gave you the creeps? What you’ve experienced is the energetic qualities of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui can either enhance or detract from the environment. It can either connect you with the Laws of the Universe or give you a busy signal. Either way, it influences your ability to effortlessly work with the Law of Attraction.

The Diamond Feng Shui method is a highly practical method for understanding how the places in which we live and work can affect our relationships, our physical, emotional and spiritual health, and particularly our prosperity or good fortune. Marie has taken a complicated, sometimes confusing science and created an easy-to-understand way to help you create beautiful, supportive surroundings.

The Diamond Feng Shui method combines classical compass Feng Shui with the 24 aspects of human experience, what Marie calls the Facets of the Diamond. It also considers every person’s individual energy and the way each home or office connects with the natural cycles of time Feng Shui. This combination of space, time, personal, and quantum Feng Shui creates a beautiful and powerful science of creating flow in your life.

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