Who can become Member of the Diamond Team?

  • You have gone thru the Certification of Diamond Dowsing and or Diamond Feng Shui and or Inner Diamond Meditation.
  • You are using these transformational energy systems created by Marie Diamond as a consultant and coach.
  • You would love to advertise your certification by Marie Diamond on her website.
  • You can join to be on the website of www.MarieDiamond.com
  • You pay one-time Fee of 498 $
  • Here is your Link to pay with credit card http://www.mariediamond.com/shopdetail/MTY1OA==


  • Your name will be mentioned on the Diamond Team Page on www.MarieDiamond.com (English speaking students) and www.MarieDiamondEspanol.com (when living in Latin America or speaking Spanish) or any local website owned by Marie Diamond in the future.

What is mentioned?

  • 1) Personal Information: Your name, your city and country, your picture (JPG format), your website or your email address if you do not have a website and your Facebook Page link.
    • Your Certification: Diamond Dowsing, Diamond Feng Shui and Inner Diamond plus how long you are practising.
  • 2) Marie Diamond will place you on her website but your work will only be mentioned on the Diamond Team page and not marketed in newsletters or on social media. (only for licensed Teachers).
  • 3) You will receive a Banner that you can place on your website as Marie Diamond Team Member
  • 4) When you wish you can sign up as a Referral partner for www.MarieDiamond.com and receive a referral fee of 10 % on all products (before shipping and handling), seminars and online courses mentioned on www.MarieDiamond.com.
    • You will be receiving your personal Referral link. You will also receive the Key banner for Marie Diamond Referral partners to put on your website or to share with your students and friends and to promote the work and products of Marie Diamond.
  • 5) When there is demand from a client of the Marie Diamond website for consulting in your local area and they email us about this request, she can refer clients to you for Diamond Feng Shui Consulting, Diamond Dowsing Consulting and Inner Diamond Transformation.
    • She will ask you to honour the prices that are mentioned on the website for consultants for the clients she sends to you. (They are worldwide prices for Consultants). You will pay her a referral fee of 30 % for this first consultation/coaching. This payment contains marketing referrals to third parties and Marie Diamond. When the client purchases a second consultation/coaching or refers others, Marie Diamond does not longer receive a referral fee. Marie Diamond is also not responsible for your consulting with your clients. She will pass on the client’s information and request to you. Her Admin Team will just follow up with you that the consulting is happening and that the referral payment is paid after the consulting.
    • When people find you thru the Diamond Team page and the client connects with you directly by clicking on your website or email address, then you do not pay a referral fee as this is included in your Diamond Team Membership.We encourage you to still ask the prices we suggest for the consulting but in this case, that is really up to you what you charge in your local market.
  • 6) Being part of the Diamond Team, does not give you permission to teach Diamond Dowsing, Diamond Feng Shui or Inner Diamond or any other teachings from Marie Diamond without her consent. When you are interested, check out to join the Marie Diamond Teachers Team
  • 7) Price: Marie Diamond asks you a one-time payment to be mentioned on her website of $ 498 NOW
  • 8) The Payment of the one-time membership signifies that you agree with all the steps laid out in this document. Ask for the contract to sign to be part of the Diamond Team by emailing to office@mariediamond.com Please send this document back with all the info that we need to place you on the website.
  • 9) You will be visible as part of the Diamond Team for all the people that visit her website daily from all over the world in the Diamond Certified Team.
  • 10) Termination: When not honouring the Marie Diamond brand and conditions hereby stated of being a Diamond Team Member, you will be given notice of 30 days and taken off the website.

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