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Topics of Keynote Speeches, Seminars and Trainings

1) The Law of Attraction for 2018

Marie Diamond shares with you how to set your goals for 2018 based on your personal birthday. She is sharing how to set up your Home/Office with the Feng Shui activations and cures for 2018. She also shares how to create your vision board based on your energy of 2018.

2) The Secret to Success

Marie Diamond speaks about her own Success story: her journey as a Lawyer from Belgium to a Global Transformational Speaker in The Secret. She will explain the different aspects of the Law of Attraction and why The Secret can only work if you add your environment to manifest your goals. By knowing your success direction, you can manifest faster and more successful your Success. She also shares how to manifest with 33 % more results your Success by applying basic Feng Shui steps in your office.

3) Transform your Life

Marie Diamond shares about the 24 Transformational Principles for your life and how to implement them practically in your mindset and your environment. Based on her book Transform your Life.

4) Transform your Business

Marie Diamond shares about the 24 Transformational Principles for your Business and how to implement them practically in your mindset, in your team and in your branding and in your offices.

5) You can Be it ALL (women conference)

Marie Diamond shares with the women her own inspiring story of being a Global Transformational Teacher, speaker and Author and Star in The Secret. Meanwhile having a great relationship for more than 27 years with her husband and being a mother of 3 children between 31 and 14 years of age and running a worldwide Business. How to have the positive energy to Be all of that and still enjoy your life and be happy.

6) Transformational Leadership

Marie Diamond is founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council and Founder and President of the Association of the Transformational Leaders for Europe. She is an inspiration for the new generation of young Transformational Leaders in the growing Human Potential and Business world. She shares how you can impact millions with your Transformational Message and your vision.

7) Healing your Life

Marie Diamond shares her own story of living with an abusive father and how thru using the power of forgiveness she was able to heal her life physically, emotionally and mentally.

Topics of Training for your Team and Business

1) Energetic Branding of your Business

Marie Diamond shares with your team about the Energy Level of your Branding image, message and impact. She teaches you in a training how you can find out the best energy impact of your message based on your birthday as CEO and of the starting date of your business. How can you implement the energy of your brand in your Business building, your website and marketing material?

2) Creating a Vision Board for your Team and Business

Marie Diamond creates an interactive workshop for your Team and managers in manifesting the vision for your company. What affirmations, keywords, messages and images connect with your vision and where to implement your vision in a practical way in your offices.

3) Inner Diamond Meditation for Management

Marie Diamond has shared with more than 100,000 business owners and managers with visualizations how to be energized every day from morning until evening. When you are in Alpha Brainwaves during your workhours, you create less mistakes, you are more creative and have a better team spirit. This mediation technique is not connected with any religion or philosophy and can be used by everyone in the company.

Business and Transformational Mentoring

Since 1994, Marie Diamond has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers, politicians, sports people, artists, coaches, speakers, authors and famous celebrities. She helps them with their personal transformational process and their success with their career and business. She used her Inner Diamond process, Feng Shui and Dowsing methods and her deep compassion and amazing knowledge of energy release and the laws of quantum physics. She is very intuitive gifted mentor who will support manifesting your goals.

How can she help you with your Business?

  • Checking in with the energetic blockages in your Business
  • Energetic Branding of your products and services
  • Feng Shui Design and colors for success for your products, website and marketing material
  • For coaches and speakers: business strategy and curriculum and product development

How can she help with your personally?

  • Releasing your Energy blockages for money, success, romance and well-being
  • Supporting in creating a plan for your future
  • Finding your purpose and manifesting it

Feng Shui and Dowsing Consulting

Marie Diamond can help you as globally renowned Feng Shui and Dowsing Master. You can book some online hours with her thru video webinars. Or you can book her to come to your home and business. Email to to receive the best quote for your consulting.

  • Support your interior designer, architect or yourself for the best Feng Shui when you wish to change or construct your Family Home and Business building.
  • Space clearing your home and office from negative frequencies

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