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Feng Shui your Business Online Video SeminarTuesdays, September 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th, and October 3rd, 2017at noon Pct Time - 3 pm Est time - 9 pm Paris Time(You have unlimited access to the Video and Audio Recordings of the sessions)Marie Diamond will share with you how to set up your personal Business Office- Based on your personal Energy Number (your birthday) what is your direction of your desk- what is your direction of your desk- What are the strongest colors for your wall, your desk, and  your desk chair- Where is your Success Direction and how to activate it- Where to hang your logo in your Business space- Where is your Relationship Direction and how to activate it- Where to place your products/ services/ business cards/ Business flyers in your Business space- How to strengthen your office for constant positive cash flow and the best ROI- What are your strongest keywords and colors for your Business message and marketing- Feng Shui of your Business card, Website, and Marketing material- What is the influence of Time Feng Shui on your Business- Each session you have time to ask your questions- You have access to a Private FaceBook group where Marie Diamond is daily helping you with your questions.- You also will send your before and after floor plan of your personal office and the Diamond Team will check it out and give you with email feed back if it is Feng Shui correctly and what improvements they would suggest.

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