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You Wish to reach Global Success.Then you need a Global Mentor, you need a Leader, someone who has conquered her dreams and broke through the ceiling that was confining possibility.Marie Diamond wants you to become a top player in your industry.You deserve to have your own successful brand with world- renowned products. Marie wants to help your vision, achieve global impact and change not only your life, but the lives of your family and loved ones. Marie is ready to be your guiding hand along the path towards Success, the only question is, are you ready to finally reach Global Success? Marie Diamond for more than 20 years has created a Global Transformational Leadership brand. She has become one of the top motivational speakers and mentors in this world and is a founding member of the “Global Transformational Leadership Council”.  She has reached countless of millions of people and changed their lives in more than 190 countries. Many people have asked her: ‘How did you do this?’ ‘How did you create such a strong global brand with conscious products and services and become so successful in the Self Help industry?’She starts her next circle of Global Transformational Leadership Circle: A VIP group for Conscious entrepreneurs and top managers that want to create a Global brand with their products and services. For those who wish to impact the world in a positive way, while creating a successful multiple income stream.She will only allow 8 people to come in to her NEW “Global Transformational Leadership Circle” to be mentored personally by her and support each other on the journey.  You can have 5 Leadership video calls of 90 minutes with Marie over the next months and one personal mentoring session with her.- Before the group starts, you will have the opportunity to have a 60 minute video call with Marie Diamond where she will listen to your focus for 2017 and already support you in manifesting this. - Through WhatsApp you will be able to reach out to her and the “Global1. Your vision of your Business and how to manifest it with the right action plan.2. Reaching the gold standard of Abundance3. Having the right colours, message and name for your Global Brand4. What is the conscious message of change you wish to give to your customers so they will become fans that keep buying your products and services?5. How to attract the right customer for what you have to offer? Which products and services you need to focus on? What income streams have you not allowed?6. How to set up your environment so that your office is your first marketing place.She will also help you with her contacts that she has to support your global brand, when she can. The Group sessions will start on Thursday November 16th, 2017 at 9:30 pm Paris Time - 3:30 pm Est Time DAILY ACCESS to Marie DiamondYou will be part of a whatsapp group with your circle where you can update and support each other and Marie DiamondPrice: The Normal price is  $ 2680Special Deal $ 1998 She has been praised for seeing the great potential in people and bringing that fire alive. On top of being a practical strategist, Marie knows the journey and sees the path that is laid out for each specific person. Now it’s up to you to take the steps in becoming the Successful Global Entrepreneur you have always wanted to be. 

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